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The last and most promising student of Lenard the Archmage and trusted friend and advisor to the princess, your ability to thwart the Warlord's plans through your talent for projecting the future has earned you the title of "The Miracle Worker."

The last surviving member of the royal family of Carlissa, Randia Killraven -- aka Robin Blackwing, or "Blackwing the Bard" -- leads the resistance against the Warlord Zomoran. Once the carefree youngest daughter of King Danor Killraven and Queen Elena Starlight, the murder of her family and her love has hardened and closed her heart to anything other than vengeance against the Magus and his demons.

* The game modules also provide an option to play with Robin as a male character, Prince Randall Killraven.

Orion DeneriOrion Deneri is a seasoned adventurer and a trusted agent of the Carlissan resistance. A philosopher cleric and a fiercely independent thinker, his ever-questioning mind often puts him at odds with his brethren in the Church of the Divine.

Diana Dal MearaDaughter of the Dorian ambassador to Carlissa, Diana disowned her family and her homeland when they made peace with the Warlord's regime. Now the Captain of Robin's personal guard, she fights tirelessly to help free her adopted country from the Magus' oppression.

Robin's paternal grandfather and the most powerful Archmage in recorded history, Lenard Killraven left behind a crucial legacy: a hidden sanctum stocked with powerful magical artifacts. But the sanctum can only be opened when The Miracle Worker's talent foretells that the time is right to finally defeat the Magus and his demons.

Robin's maternal grandmother, Talina Starlight is the Queen of the elven realm of Elde and The Grand Druid of the known world. Although reluctant to endanger her people in a war against The Black Magus, winning her support could give the fledgling alliance their one hope of survival against Zomoran's demon onslaught. 

A powerful warlock who discovered a way to open a gateway to the realms of Hell, the Warlord has somehow managed to bind an army of demons to his service. And he has brought that army to The World of Glorn for one purpose: to conquer the Kingdom of Carlissa, and eventually, the rest of the world as well.

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