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Sanctum of the Archmage 1 - The Sight

(Click the above image to visit the module download page)

Seven years ago, the throne of Carlissa was usurped and the kingdom overrun by the Warlord Zomoran, also known as the Black Magus. The stories told by travelers and refugees have all been the same: that the Warlord somehow managed to summon an army of demons willing to serve him, and launched a surprise attack on the Carlissan capitol city of Lannamon. King Danor and the entire royal family were brutally slaughtered, and Zomoran took the throne for himself.

The Warlord is a merciless ruler who regularly sends his demons to crush any sign of rebellion -- or sometimes, to kill just for sport. Hidden in the deep woods in the southern part of the kingdom, a small community of foresters managed to live on, unnoticed, spared for a time from the ravages of the demon horde. They kept to their small village, nestled in the foothills of the Nurian Mountains, hiding from the rumors of horror and slaughter from the outside world. Their safety could not last, and it did not.

You begin the game as a young forest dweller with an unusual gift, living in a land that has been overrun by demons. When the monsters finally come to your home in the forest, you must try to learn how to use this strange ability of yours or die -- an ability which may turn out to be the only hope of salvation for the kingdom and its people.

Sanctum of the Archmage I - The Sight can be downloaded from the Neverwinter Vault. It requires, and is built as a "custom game module" for, the Neverwinter Nights I fantasy role-playing game.

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