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Sanctum Modules Remake Nearing Release!

I’m pleased to announce that the long-awaited v4.2 remake of the Sanctum of the Archmage game modules is nearly ready for release! Testing is complete and the only remaining tasks are to update the documentation and to package and upload the files. It should be available on the Neverwinter Vault sometime during this weekend (the last of September).

Version v4.2 represents a significant update to the Sanctum of the Archmage modules. It combines a number of new features in The Sight with a major remake of the previous (v3.4) version of The Quest. Formerly released as “The Miracle Worker: Act I,” The Quest has been unavailable in any form since the loss of the IGN Vault in 2014. Version 4.2 is the first release of Chapter 2 that is compatible with version 4 or later of The Sight.

With the v4.2 update, Sanctum 1 and 2 now use the same custom content architecture and can be played as a unified campaign. As a result, I am releasing them together on my current page for the saga on the Neverwinter Vault. Chapter 2 has been re-written to add new areas, quests, and dialogs, and lore from the Sanctum of the Archmage novels.

I will follow up with another announcement — hopefully in another day or two at most — once I’ve finished releasing theupdate. I hope you’ll enjoy the new version, and thank you very much for your interest!

Tony Donadio (Andarian)
Author, Sanctum of the Archmage


Sanctum Remake Coming Soon

I’ve now finished a full playthrough of the soon-to-be-released remake of the Neverwinter Nights module series, Sanctum of the Archmage: The Sight and The Quest. I found a handful of bugs and issues that I still need to resolve, which I’ll need to plan time for over the next few weeks. After one more playthrough to ensure they’re worked out, I should be able to release the remake sometime this summer.

The Sanctum v4.2 update will include a number of new and updated features to The Sight. More importantly, though, it will include a complete remake of the second module in the series, now titled The Quest. Originally released in 2007 as “The Miracle Worker, Act I,” it has never been published in a form compatible with the v4.x remake of The Sight. And it has been unavailable in any form since IGN’s Neverwinter Vault died in 2014.

The second module in the Sanctum series was very well received by the NWN player community of the time, receiving the Bronze Award for Module of the Year and the Golden Dragon Award for Best RPG in 2007. I’m very happy to finally be making the soon to be released (and I think, greatly improved!) version of it  available to the Neverwinter Nights player community.

Sanctum at the NEW Neverwinter Vault!

After our recent scare, and in the face of growing uncertainty about continued availability of IGN’s Neverwinter Nights Vault, I have gone ahead and created a new project page for the “v4” remakes of Sanctum of the Archmage – The Sight on the New Neverwinter Vault:

Sanctum of the Archmage – The Sight at the New Neverwinter Vault.

I strongly encourage everyone who wants to download, play, comment, and vote on the V4 releases of the Sanctum of the Archmage modules to do so here, or to use the project’s new page on the New Neverwinter Vault.

The old (v3.4) versions of Chapters 1 and 2 will remain available for now on their historical pages on IGN’s old Neverwinter Nights Vault.

Hellman Family Values

“The Fire Elves long ago rejected the values of love and family. Everyone is property of the state. Hellwomen compete for the attention of males, paying dowries for their sexual attentions. If they conceive and give birth, the child is taken to be raised in a communal education center. The mother is paid for her contribution to society — and the greater the status of the father, the greater the payment.”

 — A’Lindra Ta’Lin, Sanctum of the Archmage: The Sight

Sanctum 1v40cQ Bug Patch

EDIT 1/5/2012: I’ve added a couple of additional (and minor) bugfixes, and updated the patch to release 4.0c. This should be the last patch to version 4.0 before the release of v4.1.

EDIT 1/4/2012: I’ve added one more bugfix (see 1st comment for details) and updated the patch to level v40b.

I’ve uploaded an updated patch hak (to version 4.0a) for the recent Sanctum v40 release. It fixes two bugs that I found, in completing the “Beastmen in Exile” and “Earthen Road” quests. You can find it at the following link — just download and unzip the file, and use it to replace the existing SanctumPatchV4Q.hak file in your hak directory:

Sanctum 1 v4.0c Patch Hak

I’m also working on a module update to version 4.1, which should be out by tomorrow. It fixes these bugs and a few other very minor issues, and adds a couple of new features (mostly related to some new and improved items available in the treasure system).

SPOILER ALERT: See the first comment for details about the issues fixed by the patch.

Sanctum 1: The Sight Remake (v4.0) Released!

I’m pleased to (finally!) announce the release of the updated Neverwinter Nights module for Sanctum of the Archmage, Chapter 1: The Sight, version 4.0! The new files are up and can be downloaded now. See the following PDF for details on the required downloads:

Installation Directions, Downloads, and “Compilation” Haks required for Sanctum of the Archmage Chapter 1, v4.0q

A word of warning in advance: the download requirements for the updated version of the module are very large — including, among other packages, both Project Q v1.5 and CEP v2.4.

I’d like to extend special thanks to my Beta testers, who did a thorough and outstanding job of helping me shake out the bugs in the final versions; the principals at Project Q, for their years-long support in helping me to integrate their content into the updated version; and my players, for their always encouraging support and interest.

— Andarian

Sanctum 1v4 Beta Test 2 is Underway!

The second beta test for Sanctum of the Archmage Chapter 1, version v4, is now underway! The test now has eight players in total, split about half and half between new testers and those who played the first beta version. I’ve made a boatload of fixes and added a few new features, and I think this will be the last test needed before a public release. The way things are looking right now that should definitely be out before the end of the year. 🙂

Quests Complete!

The last of the new quests for the Sanctum 1 remake are done! After a dedicated session of building over the weekend, the hardest part of the work —  structuring the quests, creating the areas where they take place, setting up their scripting, and writing the associated dialogue — is all finished. I did a quick play-through of the critical path, and everything worked. There were a few minor glitches, of course, and it’s going to need a fair amount of tweaking to get everything just right. But today definitely marks a status change in the V4 update for Sanctum 1, when it finally goes from “in development” to “in QA and test.”

Here’s a quick list of some highlights for the new version:

  • Three brand new areas, two new major quests, and five new minor ones
  • 7 old areas split up, re-designed, and expanded into 16 new and re-built areas to replace them
  • A new (temporary) henchman
  • A dozen extensive new conversations and significant additions to existing dialogues
  • Use of new CEP 2.4 and Project Q 1.5 content, including new monsters and placeables
  • Expanded relationship options (including an increase in the max scores)
  • Two quest tie-ins to the rewrite of Sanctum 2

And, of course, more. 😉

I’ll probably need at least a couple of additional weeks for that “tweaking,” and for alpha testing before it’ll be in a form that I’m comfortable putting out for a community beta test. But September is definitely starting to look more and more like a good target date for that. So if you might be interested in helping to beta test SanctumV4 Chapter 1, drop me a note or post here to let me know!

More Progress on Sanctum V4

I’ve been focusing most of my available time this summer on building the Sanctum V4 update rather than blogging about it —  but since it’s been a while since my last post, I thought it was time for at least a quick update. Here are some of the things I’ve been working on and accomplishing recently:

  • I’ve now finished a complete re-working of the custom content (CC) framework for Sanctum V4. Among other things this will make it compatible with the latest versions of both CEP and Project Q, integrating and using resources from both along with my own module-specific custom content. This finally brings both Sanctum 3 and the re-writes of chapters 1 & 2 up to using the same CC architecture, making content from both CEP 2.4 and Project Q’s brand new v1.5 release available for me to use in all of my future modding work. When released, it should also provide a useful starting framework for other modders to use in developing CEP and Q compatible modules in the future.
  • Aside from some possible tweaks, I’ve now finished the level building and rebuilding for Sanctum 1. This included adding a number of new areas, as well as splitting up and re-making most of the existing ones in the module. Much of the re-making turned out to be a necessary consequence of breaking up the existing areas. That was because I found that in order for them to work well together as pieces, in many cases the logic of what was in them and how they were arranged had to be re-thought. The new layout for some of the areas (the lower ruins south is an especially good example), while still having some familiar encounters, will be nearly un-recognizable in layout to players of previous versions of “The Sight.”
  • I’m now working on the last task for the rewrite of Sanctum 1: finishing two new quests that will also potentially extend into the rewrite for Sanctum 2. Once the conversations and quest variable handling for those are finished, and I’ve had a chance to do a full playthrough test and fix any obvious bugs, I should be in a position to get the module out to the community for a beta test. My best estimate right now would be in September.

After that, the next step will be to do the rewrite of Sanctum 2. The good news there is that much of the rework needed for the second chapter will already be done when the first chapter is complete (e.g. the CC framework). The biggest challenge there will be at the end: re-making the flying areas using the new “Sanctum Flying Skyscape” tileset that I’ve been using for Sanctum 3.

I also have a surprise announcement regarding the future of  the Sanctum saga planned for after the Sanctum 1 & 2 remakes are released. More on that to come, though… 🙂

March of the Guardians, v4: Guardians vs. Hellmen

Here’s a preview from the upcoming v4.0 release of Sanctum of the Archmage: The Sight. It’s the climactic cutscene that I added with the Sanctum v3.4b patch, now re-written with the lore from the world of the Sanctum novels that I’m introducing in the new version. The Hellmen are allied with the demons — and may be making an appearance again later in the saga. It’s a 63 mb video download, so be prepared if you want to watch it. 🙂