Chapter 1 Complete

It will still need a few more editing passes, but as of now, Crucible of Heroes  chapter 1 (The City of Rainbows) is complete. It ended up coming to three scenes and just over 12 pages of single-spaced type in 11-point font. So far Crucible of Heroes as a whole is just shy of 9000 words and 470 Kindle “locations.”

By SWFA standards that already puts it over the line into a Novella, with at least six more chapters still to go. So obviously, my initial estimate of 20,000 words is going to be a bit short of the mark. As it looks right now, fifty to sixty thousand is probably more realistic, which will put it well over the word count guidelines for a novella.

So it looks like it’s official. Although a relatively short one, Crucible of Heroes is, in fact, going to be novel.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Complete

  1. Sounds pretty awesome. I usually prefer a novel since it is often more detailed. I find that longer length most of the time leads to more immersion (if done appropriately, of course). A novella usually leaves me wanting to know more about the story. While this may be a good thing, leaving too much out can make it frustrating for me as a reader instead of being able to enjoy it properly. That said, I’m certain that there are plenty of good novellas out there, just that from experience I prefer novels.

    Is there a sneak-peek available for the novel by the way? 😉 I’m an addicted fan, after all.

  2. Aderyn, thanks! Yes, that’s what I realized when I really got into the writing. Releasing something that would leave readers wanting to know more about the story was definitely one of my core goals with the first installment. But I also found that I couldn’t do the story justice without the kind of more detailed and immersive treatment that you’re describing. So my solution was to both increase the planned length to that of a novel, and to narrow its scope to just deal with the demon invasion and the origin of the resistance. That includes adding a brief “epilogue” where the reader is introduced to The Miracle Worker for the first time, setting the stage for the next book.

    As for the possibility of a “sneak-peek” for my “addicted fans”: I’m sure I can work something out. 😉

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