Randia in Adobe Fuse

Here’s the face of a model I created in Adobe Fuse for Randia Killraven (aka Robin Blackwing), the protagonist of the Sanctum saga. It’s pretty close to how I pictured her. Not a bad piece of software!

I recently started a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, and have been working slowly to build up the Photoshop skills I’ll need to support my publishing work. To my delight and astonishment, I discovered that CC includes a “beta version” of something called Adobe Fuse, and that Photoshop has a whole set of really awesome features for including and rendering 3D models and content.

I can’t draw, but do I have a decade and a half of experience in laying out 3D scenes. That got me to thinking about what I could do with tools like this, such as developing character portraits. I’m going to include this one the re-release of the e-book as an illustration. Maybe I could do a few of the other characters while I’m at it…

Fuse will also generate riggable models that can be brought into Photoshop and animated with its (pretty awesome) 3D tools, so I might be able to use it to actually prototype or even generate scenes for illustration. Stay tuned for the results of some experiments!

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